Hans Blok

Hans Sampath Blok is a Dutch-Norwegian composer, conductor and performer.


The yak is a species of long-haired cattle found throughout Central Asia. They are sturdy, heavily built animals, well adapted to high altitudes and low temperatures. In the Tibet-region yaks are used as beasts of burden. When farmers travel through steep mountain slopes to find new pastures for their cattle, the yaks carry equipment and household. Although the yak is a formidable animal, it can get frightened. When it senses danger, such as a change in the weather, it may turn around and cause all other yaks to stampede downhill. On narrow paths the outcome can be fatal.

The dynamic relation between the farmers and the yaks has inspired the creation of this work of music. As well as the traditional music of Tibet and Central Asia.

Composed in 2022
Commissioned by B├Ątz-Witte Concerts
Premiered by Schweelink Ensemble

Duration: 12 minutes
Instrumentation: Brass Quintet, Percussion, and Harmonium/Accordeon